William Hennessy AM

Scholarship Information

Each year William Hennessy offers a minimum of two part scholarships for deeply committed violin students who are experiencing financial disadvantage.

Violin students between the ages of 10 and 18 are invited to apply for consideration for one of these two scholarships.

This can be done by filling in and submitting the application form before 10th Febuary in the intended year of study, then ringing William Hennessy on 0428 795 588 to arrange an audition/interview time which is mutally convenient.

Students are invited to play two contrasting pieces which best demonstrate their musical ability. No piano acompanient will be required. Bach is preferred, but not essential.

Auditions will take place at 32 Council Street Clifton Hill between 5th and 12th Febuary. Please allow 45 minutes for the audition/interview.

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of strength of commitment to excellence and personal development.
Awarding of scholarships will be subject to review if strong commitment is not sustained by the scholarship holder.

Audition results are communicated to applicants no later than 15th Febuary each year.

William Hennessy, for 30 years one of Australia's leading violinists and musical educators... The Age - Arts & Culture - 18th May, 2006
With a career spanning four decades, William Hennessy has successfully pursued every path open to a professional violinist; soloist, chamber artist, symphonic musician and teacher and mentor to hundreds of students. The Australian 16th June, 2016